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The fight against breast cancer

The fight against breast cancer

We have reached a point where the truth really is stranger than fiction and is that statistics indicate that patients with cancer increase day by day. This condition is one of the most serious health problems in the world, given that many people are not carried out the tests and checkups on time. The final communiqué issued by the World Health Organization reports that for the year 2025 there will be more than 28 million new cases of cancer and of these approximately 19 million cases could be fatal.

In the United States there is an increased cases of patients with breast cancer and cancer of the prostate, colon and cancer of the testicles. All this information and statistics should resonate like bells in the church inside their heads, because it is of vital importance to them again and again called attention to the relevant examinations to determine if they have cell cancer cells in your body and in this way to rule out this possibility or receive treatment as soon as possible.

With regard to this topic, we sincerely wish to be bearers of good news and that is here in our official website vectorsurgical will be able to find quality information with respect to one of the best advances in medicine that we have developed to improve the diagnosis of each of the patients who suffer or have suffered from cancer in their lives. This method consists of different colored paint in areas where there are cancerous tissue has been removed from the patient’s body, in order to be able to eliminate errors that were committed in medicine because there was this method with which we have today.

The painted colors for the affected areas will enable us to take better control of the areas affected by cancer, and thus detect new appearances of cancerous tissues in the same area, or in areas close to where it was found the first tumor tissue. All this will allow us to lower the cups of statistics of deaths due to breast cancer and other cancers that can be subject to a patient.

The most important part of this method is that we can prevent the appearance of cancer in other parts of the breasts, because when a change is detected in the color that is placed in the area to the patient, we will realize that there is something wrong and thus counteract the development of cancerous tissues of root.