Getting My Lips Worked Helped Me to Feel Happier About My Appearance

Every since I was in high school I have found myself looking closely at my lips in the mirror and feeling very unhappy with them. My upper lip is very thin, while my bottom lip is much fuller. It really bothered me. I had been looking into lip augmentation in Denver at some of the highly rated businesses who can do it for their clients. I found myself thinking that it would be nice to be able to look at myself and be happy with what I see. I had even had people that I do not know all that well pointed out the two different sizes of each of my lips. It was frustrating to know that other people see the issue as clearly as I do.

I know very well what people generally think as pretty versus not pretty. I know that people generally like full lips. But I didn’t have full lips. I only had one single full lip. I also know that I prefer to see two full lips, too. Because mine are not balanced, I often notice it in other people , too. But when I look at the rest of my body in a mirror, I am generally happy with it. I’m not perfect, but the point is that I have always been generally happy about the rest of me, and my lips have been the only things that bother me.

I decided that I was done obsessing about the situation and that doing something about it would help me to stop thinking about it. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to occur to me that I’m thinking too much instead of taking action. I had the procedure done, and it could not have been easier. I was in and out after the procedure. I really liked the change in my appearance.