Keeping Tabs in Favorite Facebook Pages

For users who have not figured it out yet, there is an easy way to keep tabs on favorite Facebook pages. Rather than going to favorite pages every day, “like” them and their posts will show up on the news feed page of user personal pages. New posts will be on the page when those users check their personal pages. It really is that simple. So, people can Like Hampton Creek on Facebook, for example, to view all the posts on their personal Facebook pages. The business also appears on the personal pages of those who liked that particular business. That explains why it is important to encourage customers to like business pages. It increases visibility.

It is also important because the more “like”s businesses get, the higher their search engine rankings. Social media has a direct effect on search engine rankings, which is why businesses have pages on several sites at once. It is not unusual for a business to have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, among others. The use of social media also allows a business to track customers. That helps identify target audiences, reach customers directly, and follow trends in the market. Businesses can send posts directly to certain customers for marketing purposes, to announce new stores in the area carrying products, or send special offers or coupons.

A new product targets teenage drivers, for example, and the business wants to attract that specific audience. It can send posts to all the sixteen to nineteen year old users who have liked their page. There is no need to spend time and money launching an email or direct mail campaign, making commercials and waiting for them to air, or paying marketing experts to attract teenagers. It can be done instantly, and free of charge. Users can keep tabs on their favorite pages, but businesses can also keep tabs on valuable customers. Many independent companies do most of their marketing via social media. It has become the great equalizer in the global market. The edge no longer rests with large corporations that can afford multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.